Is it a sign of things to come? A few weeks ago, in Castel Volturno in the province of Caserta north of Naples, Italy had the worst outbreak of racial violence since it reluctantly became transformed from a super-homogeneous white and Roman Catholic culture into a like-it-or-not multiethnic society. On 17 September, Samuel Kwaku and Alaj Ababa from Togo, Cristopher Adams and Alex Geemes from Liberia and Kwame Yulius Francis and Eric Yeboah from Ghana were mowed down in a hail of about 100 bullets while standing together inside and outside the Ob Ob Exotic Fashion tailor shop on the Via Domitiana, the ancient offshoot of the Via Appia which runs through several small towns in the area. A seventh man, Joseph Ayimbora, also from Ghana, was seriously wounded but survived