Rome to issue civic certificates over the counter

City to streamline procedure in obtaining many certificates.

Rome is to simplify the bureaucratic process of obtaining a series of certificates which will be issued over the counter, without appointments, starting from 1 October.

The documents, which relate to civil status, residency, citizenship, birth, marriage or civil union, can be requested directly at town hall offices around Rome.

Some of these certificates can also be issued jointly on a single, combined document, for example residency and citizenship, or birth, residency and vaccinations.

Residents will just need to fill out a specific form and present a valid identification document, bypassing the Tupassi online booking programme.

The move is seen as a further step in making it easier for residents to obtain documents from city offices, whose opening hours were extended in 2015.

For full details of which certificates are available under the new system and how to obtain them see Roma Capitale website while for a helpful guide on dealing with red tape in Italy see Wanted in Rome guide