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Ambrit  1920 x 116
Ambrit  1920 x 116
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Rome bars and restaurants reopen for take-away

Rome eateries reopen for take-away food and drink on 4 May.

Rome's bars and restaurants will reopen for take-away service on Monday 4 May as part of Italy's Phase Two period in the coronavirus emergency.

The easing of measures, which comes in addition to the home delivery service already allowed, will offer some relief to the catering industry which has been seriously affected by the covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to restaurants and bars, the take-away service can be offered by pubs, pizza-slice and sandwich shops, ice cream parlours and pasticcerie.

Customers are strictly prohibited from eating on the premises and are encouraged to order in advance, either online or by telephone, to avoid people gathering outside.

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The Lazio Region, which includes Rome, has issued additional rules to provide the "maximum possible safety for everyone."

Staff and customers must wear masks and gloves and maintain social distancing.

Customers may only enter one at a time and may only remain on the premises for the time required for payment.

The use of bathrooms is not allowed for customers, and take-away products must be sealed when given to the customer.

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