A group of expatriate musicians is aiming to repeat the success of their first concert in Rome if not the circumstances.

The Exiles comprise two Americans and two Britons who play a range of rock music including The Eagles, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

Their first gig at Ambrit Rome International Schools autumn barbecue in early October coincided with a torrential downpour, requiring that all their equipment be moved indoors. "Thankfully we were still able to play and over 1,000 people saw us, which isnt bad for a first date," says drummer Pete Sheppard.

Sheppard hails from Leicestershire in the United Kingdom and is a teacher at Ambrit, as is guitarist Patrick Colgan, from New York in the United States. Completing the line-up are bassist Brad Massoni from Kansas City, US, who teaches at St Stephens School, and guitarist Dave Hallam, who is from Yorkshire in the UK and works for the Food and Agriculture Organization.

The group formed in June this year from the remnants of The Unknown Band, which started in 2001 and split up three years later.

"We want to play as much as possible across Rome now," says Sheppard. "Theres a great social circle of expats out there who want to see more live music."

Sheppard is also passing on his skills to the next generation by helping to organise an 8th-grade band at Ambrit, which plays rock and pop music at school events and talent shows. He adds: "There are some real talents there. Its good to see and to help music feed through to the kids as well."

The Exiles next play at the Druids Rock in Piazza Esquilino on Sat 19 Nov. For more information tel. Pete Sheppard 3489396576.