Italy reopens for business after lockdown

18 May is a key date in Italy's Phase Two in the coronavirus emergency plan.

Italy takes another significant step in restarting its economy after more than two months of covid-19 lockdown, with the reopening of restaurants, bars, shops, hairdressers and beauty salons - under strict health regulations - on 18 May.

The move, part of Italy's Phase Two period in the coronavirus emergency, will also see the end of the self-certification form which will no longer be required for travel in your region of residence.

Until now people were not allowed to meet up with friends and were obliged to carry a form stating where they were going.However from 18 May people can move freely within their region of residence and meet whoever they want.

Travelling from region to region remains prohibited, unless for proven work needs, absolute urgency or health reasons.

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18 May also sees the gradual reopening of Italy's museums, libraries and archaeological sites however we will have to wait until 15 June for cinemas and theatres to reopen.

Italy's churches will reopen for public Masses, weddings and baptisms on 18 May for the first time in more than two months.

In Rome the city reopens access to the beaches on the coast, for details and regulations see city website.

Strict guidelines remain in place in Italy, from social distancing to the obligation to wear masks in closed spaces and on public transport, along with a ban on gatherings.

The further loosening of restrictions comes as Italy records the lowest daily number of fatalities from coronavirus since the start of the lockdown, 145 on 17 May.

Photo Il Messaggero