The European Library, organized by the various European cultural academies and institutes in the capital, is set to open officially on 24 October. The 600-sqm library, hosted by the Goethe Institute in Via Savoia 15, holds some 28 thousand volumes in the languages of the various countries who have contributed to the collection. The organising bodies are Biblioteche di Roma, the Hungarian Academy, the British Council, the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Goethe Institute, the Cervantes Institute, the Polish Institute, the Slovakian Institute, the Swiss Institute and the embassies of France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. According to the mission statement on the librarys website, the aim of the library is to promote national cultures and languages, contribute to the constitution of Europe and build an awareness of European identity in citizens from both Italy and other countries. The library will be open Tuesday (13.00-19.00), Wednesday-Friday (10.00-19.00) and Saturday (10.00-13-00). For more information see

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