City authorities have launched a new cleaning operation for 57 streets and squares in Trastevere in partnership with Ama, Romes environmental and waste collection body. Squads of Ama employees will sweep and wash the streets from 08.00-12-00 twice a month, starting from 24 October. In order to allow the squads to do a thorough job, parking will be forbidden during the hours of cleaning activity, with signs marking the prohibited areas. The operation is split into six different itineraries covering different areas of Trastevere, and each area will be cleaned on different days of the month to minimize disruption. The frequency of private and commercial rubbish collection in the zone will also be increased. For further information see or

The operation comes after a recent clean-up of Trasteveres graffiti-covered walls, which were quickly re-covered with graffiti, prompting Romes mayor Walter Veltroni to suggest a law requiring those buying spray paints to register their details. Some 3,000 spray cans are sold each week in the capital, according to free newspaper Leggo.