Most of the prize winners from the Cannes film festival will be showing in Rome until 10 June, the only exception being Golden Palm winner Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore, which wont be in distribution until the end of August.

Oldboy by Park Chan-wook, Exils by Tony Gatlif, Comme un image by Agnes Jaoui, The Ladykillers by New York brothers Ethan and Joel Cohen, will all be screened, as well as two important Italian films, Le consequenze dellamore by Paolo Sorrentino and Ingannevole il cuore by Asia Argento. Look out for dates and times at the cinemas Quattro Fontane, Alcazar, Roma and Nuovo Olimpia. All films will be in their original language.

Films from other important film festivals (Toarmina, Pesaro, Logano and Venice) will also be screened in Rome during the summer.