Enjoy: Art Meets Fun at Chiostro del Bramante

23 Sept-18 Feb. With the subtitle L'arte incontra il divertimento (Art Meets Fun), this immersive exhibition boasts modern art works and site-specific installations by some of the world's "most prominent and provocative protagonists of contemporary art". 
Visitors are drawn immediately into the show at Chiostro del Bramante, walking across the courtyard's boldly-coloured floral floor painted specially by Taiwan-born artist Michael Lin.
Indoors the exhibition begins with a classic red mobile by Alexander Calder, before diving head first into the mesmerising world of English artist Mat Collishaw whose stunning Centrifugal Soul is centred around a spinning zootrope, a Victorian-era optical device, featuring the mating rituals of birds of paradise and flowers blooming magically.

The Centrifugal Soul (detail) by Mat Collishaw

The next room contains the bizarre sculptures and moving contraptions of Swiss surrealistic master Jean Tinguely but - depending on the timing - be prepared for a glorious fright.
The exhibition then leads into a disconcerting labyrinth of mirrored changing rooms by Buenos Aires artist Leandro Erlich. Stepping in and out of these pannelled cubicles, visitors quickly lose all sense of direction and - despite the room being fully lit - inevitably end up feeling their way forward by hand. Perhaps this is what the exhibition's curator Danilo Eccher had in mind when he said that the "public itself becomes a work of art."

Changing Rooms by Leandro Erlich. Photo Luciana Prezia.

In the corridor guests mingle between large eye-ball orbs, blinking and suspended low, by New York artist Tony Oursler; look out for the steel abstract sculpture complete with hammock by Brasil's Ernesto Neto; or the Prismo meccanico rotating disks - which resemble spinning coloured lollipops - by Turin's Piero Fogliati.

Giant eye-ball orbs by Tony Ousler.

The maniacal canned laughter of controverisal Italian artist Gino De Domincis (1947-1998) echoes through the winding staircase leading to the next floor which begins with Austrian Erwn Wurm's giant police hat. Visitors are encouraged to duck under the cap to become a “one minute sculpture” as well as have themselves photographed in the out-sized black and white polka dot armchair by Italy's Study 65. Photos can be posted on social media with the hashtag #Enjoychiostro.
Bottles of Scottish whisky and Japanese sake form part of Wurm's selection of “furniture for drinkers” next door to a room crammed full of red balloons by English artist Martin Creed, courtesy of Rome's Galleria Lorcan O'Neill.

Work No. 1584 Half the air in a given space by Martin Creed.

Outside a sculpture by Belgian Hans Op De Beck comprises three slices of an enormous gooey cake, topped with fruit and candles, while opposite, up a couple of steps, the exhibition ends on a high note. Sealed by curtains inside a pitch-black room, visitors become entranced by the psychedelic Flowers and people, a digital installation by Japan's teamLab, featuring plants surging to life before dispersing into minuscule petals, as if handfuls of hundreds-and-thousands were thrown into outer space in slow motion.

Flowers and people by teamLab.

This captivating show is a feast for the senses and will appeal to children and adults alike. Visitors will leave exhilarated and wonderfully disorientated. Enjoy.

Andy Devane

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Address Chiostro del Bramante, Via della Pace (Piazza Navona area), tel. 06916508451.

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Enjoy: Art Meets Fun at Chiostro del Bramante

Chiostro del Bramante, Via della Pace (Piazza Navona area), tel. 06916508451.