Looking for a full time Nanny,

We are a family leaving in the Roman countryside, in a farm where we breed horses and cattle, just 20 minutes away from Rome. We have a wonderful child of 1 1/2 year and we leave with 2 small dogs (welsh corgies) . We are looking for a full time Nanny, who take care of him, especially has to take care about all his things (changing, dressing, cooking etc etc). We have a daily cleaner who comes and take care about the house, but of course if there is the need we would like the nanny to help us too (occasionally).
We would love that the Nanny loves the country life, as we would love that our child spend more time as possible outside. She should be available for some transfer, normally in summer time and winter holidays.
Please do not hesitated to contact me at the following number +39 339 1612999 or by email ffaniciotti@gmail.com

General Info

Email address ffaniciotti@gmail.com